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Wild Heart
All things born of nature are truly wild at heart. They are untamed spirits who live out as they were meant to be. Those who were denied this connection, as in man and those under his domain, need seek it out again to embrace it; it is no part of their soul otherwise, no matter what is feigned. For them, their life is a cage.

A highly stylized and experimental rendition of Actual, one of several being tested, produced by the artist Fire of Anubis.

Artwork © Fire of Anubis 2017
Character © Argent Fatalis 2017                   
Spirit of Old
"I remain where others are forgotten."

Since the dawn of man it has known felines as forces of arcane and mystic power, beings that seemed to be as worldly as they were otherworldly. They were, and even now still are, revered as paragons of predatory perfection and feared as seemingly inscrutable personalities that at one moment could turn from close tenderness to roaring fury. These same animals were said to be the familiars of wizards and the spirits of lands best left in time, the devourers of men and those of divinity. There never was and never would be a perfect understanding of just what makes up feline kind.

Actual is one of those unknowns, some thing of the past returned to life.

A submission of supernatural and mystical themes, this submission was created by Jocarra, being related to another piece called Noble.

Artwork - Jocarra 2017 ©
Character - Argent Fatalis 2017 ©
It should come as neither secret nor surprise, but the urge to return to from where one came is a powerful force, that which most mere men are content to forget in their innumerable days of complacency with life. However, the wilder things are not so tame, not so calm, and not so easily purged of their resolve. Rather these things, these animals really, hold the freedom those supposed greater souls so desperately chase after. Again unlike them, they pursue not false wishes and desires, the artificiality, but the realities true to their feral hearts.

A very unusual commission done in a unique, vibrant, lively, almost comic-like style by Fires of Anubis. The overall objective was to give the piece and the character a large amount of light and life, something colorful and rejuvenating.

Artwork - Fires of Anubis 2017 ©
Character - Argent Fatalis 2017 ©
Given the responses that were provided in the Character Highlight? on Fur Affinity as well as deviantART, the answer seems fairly clear; everyone wants to see more of the Argent Fatalis character in particular.

Given that Argent Fatalis is indeed the main character of this account, and its focus - the other galleries containing characters who aren't related to the story of Argent Fatalis - it is fair to gather that such a request is perfectly reasonable! That said, the good news comes with a major Argent Fatalis commission on the horizon - one that focuses on again putting the character in an environment we're more familiar with and helping to explore and explain his situation and world. Unfortunately this also leads to the fact that the material itself won't explain too much beyond what can be seen! After all, there's no fun in a mysterious, shadowy story if there's no shadiness, ambiguity or questions raised, is there?

Going off topic for a bit, I am finding difficulty in getting high quality realism artists who are available; this is a major issue at this time, as I've contacted a handful and only a few have ever got back regarding commission availability. Thus I've defaulted to suspending a few concepts that were originally drafted for those submissions - the current Argent Fatalis one being the lone survivor. This isn't to say these ideas are dead, just that it might be a while before we see them.

Another major piece being conceptualized and elaborated on is an Andarra Bloodmane piece - a major one that might take months to fully complete, start to finish. This accomplishes continuing to express the character, but also providing a rich, high quality background for her. Other interests going into this year are a notable look into sprite art, with a myriad of characters I would like to get such art done for, if just to help expand the gallery's variations, details and artists.

Overall, I hope you enjoy the upcoming pieces, and those prior, and thank you as always for your Watches, Favorites and Comments!


ArgentFatalis's Profile Picture
Argent Fatalis
I am a commissioner of predominantly feline artwork and characters, and the contents contained within my gallery are pieces I have purchased from talented persons who have brought my ideas into reality through their efforts. I myself lack any level of artistic talent, albeit I invest much of my time in the ideas, purpose and goals of characters. Although not all characters in my gallery are my own, I strictly work within the confines of original characters, universes, or stories - the exceptions being commissioned artwork I purchased as gifts for others' characters.

I greatly value detail and concept behind any piece, and as such, many of my commissions have deeper meaning and purpose that the artists reflect through their innately skilled works and channel their individual talents into. To me, a character's concept and detail is as important as the actual finalized piece; it is a joint effort, and for a truly exceptional final product, one most have both.

The characters I've created and works I own span many genres, but few have any direct impact toward one another, and a large portion of the gallery is devoted to the supernatural and or fantasy element, although there are multiple science fiction pieces present as well.


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